I applied for a lot of leadership roles in the Non-profit world when I was returning to work from being a Stay-at-Home Mom and I encountered some amazing resistance. My issue? I had too much experience running a business in the for-profit world. (??!!!)

I even spoke with a few recruiters for non-profits in the process. They told me that people from the for-profit world were just not a fit in the non-profit organizations. So I asked them to explain the following:

Baffler #1: Non-profits find for-profit folks desirable on the board but not running the business

The recruiters told me that the skill sets don’t translate. Really? I’ve been on a non-profit board. I…

Losing the battle against food? Diet, exercise, and willpower failing you?

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“I got lost in being fat.” My friend told me as we drove towards her house one afternoon. “This addiction is so embarrassing! Sometimes I wish I was an alcoholic because you can hide that. Overeating? I have to wear that every day.”

My friend was 5'2,” and she had crossed over into the 300-pound range. She opted for gastric bypass surgery to help get her back to a state of normalcy but was finding that, after a year, she was still struggling with weight.

She was exhausted from…

We SAY bullying is wrong, but we BEHAVE as though the loudest voice is right

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You don’t have to be a child to have a bully in your life. Especially now, in the world of social media, bullies can run rampant. They have a platform to shout from to all their “friends” and a means to beat people down who disagree with them.

Do you think I am making this up? Check your Facebook or Instagram feed. Find those super opinionated folks who think theirs is the best way and will viciously attack anyone who disagrees.

What about the person…

Ever heard of an “Informational Interview?”

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We aren’t the loyal worker bees that we used to be in America. It is becoming increasingly more rare to find the employee who dedicates their entire career to one company. In fact, the average length of time people are staying in jobs is about 5 years, according to career sites and consultant reports.

That means a lot of people are either moving companies, or possibly changing industries or careers altogether. This shift away from the known means entering the battle for jobs without the comfortable rolodex of names.

Permit me to introduce the…

Could we set up our families for metabolic success?

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

I don’t think grazing is even considered 99% of the time as people plan their meals. We have been conditioned to eat 3 meals a day and to largely save our hunger for those meals.

Forget blood sugar levels or metabolism-it’s breakfast lunch and dinner, right? We get hungry and cranky and lose our ability to focus, yet we tell ourselves to ignore it and push through.

Beyond that, we teach our children that is the way things should be. We push them towards the 3 meals a day with small…

Passing along a child’s clothes and toys can be a huge gesture of love

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Despite the fact that I had nearly ZERO mommy friends with young children when I gave birth, our son has lacked for nothing. We didn’t go to Babies ‘R’ Us and spend thousands of dollars on clothes and toys and yet his closet overflowed with clothes.

In fact, his first year we lacked for very little as friends and family supplied us with items we had not even considered through gifts and hand-me-downs.

Some of my favorite outfits on my son were those were given to…

And no, it is not because of my child’s disposition or behavior. He is great!

Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash

I went to a one-year old’s birthday party the other weekend and met the grandfather of the birthday boy. At the beginning of our conversation, Tyler nearly dove out of my arms and into his. (Somehow, Tyler always knows the grandpa at these parties and MUST be held by him.)

The grandpa looked at Tyler and asked, “So, is this the love of your life?” Fully expecting, it seemed, that my answer would be an emphatic, “YES!” Instead, without missing a beat, I turned a…

Are fit moms truly choosing exercise over time with her children?

Photo by Shari Murphy on Unsplash

My Instagram feed floored me the other day. Two women posted on motherhood and fitness. Both were working moms who had pursued fitness before birth and even through pregnancy. They are also both working moms.

The first post was from a mom who said she more or less stopped working out after having her child. In her mind (and in her post) the choice was BETWEEN moments with her daughter and fitness. And her daughter won as she put it: “Every. Single. Time.”

Her underlying message? Fit Moms were…

Talking about sugar can be as polarizing as discussing political beliefs!

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People don’t expect me to be the Mom to allow my kid to have sugar. I’m very physically fit. I look for the dietary value in the food I consume and love finding new, healthy recipes. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, for goodness sake!

I should be the LAST person who would think sugar is OK, right?

Wrong. I have no issue with sugar. I like cookies, cake, ice cream. I eat them fairly often.

Here’s where it gets really crazy and where I am betting I am going to freak some of you out: I also have no issue feeding sugar…

Photo by Unsplahs

We all dread it, right? The bill or the issue that means that we have to get on the phone and fight our way through the million prompts until we get a live soul. Then comes the issue of actually getting that live person to address our issue…

After spending about 10 hours on the phone with internet, cable and insurance companies I feel like I have gained some expertise on the issue.

I have found myself terrifically amused by 4 different aspects of dealing with call centers:

  1. Managers rarely exist
  2. My gender changes all the time
  3. Employees don’t actually…

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